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Choose what is the best for your horse 

Choose what is the best for your horse 

Posted by on Feb 13, 2016 in Horse Care, Horse Riding |

Horse riding is more and more popular with each day, it can provide you with a sensational feeling of connection with nature and animals. In these conditions of great technological progress and people’s connection to their houses and computers, a big number of individuals felt the need to get out there and reconnect with nature.

23509160db2c67720e150d5112a48f5aThe best way for you to do this is to go horse riding, however doing this is not at all easy – first of all, you will have to learn everything there is about horses, their body parts, how to saddle them and master the moves necessary for horse riding. Above all else you will need to love your horse and your horse riding partner immensely. Whether you possess your own horse as a pet, or you rent your partner when you get to the horse stables, you will have to treat him right. When you are deciding on where you should go to learn to ride horses or simply to enjoy their company and watch others riding them, you have to choose the best equestrian center. If you want to experience the perfect atmosphere and have the best impression of horse riding, Salvanistud Horse Riding and Care can offer you some advice.

1.Choose the right Equestrian center. Equestrian centers based in a park or natural habitat like mountains and villages where there is no traffic jams or places crowded with people are probably the best choice. The best equestrian centers are usually equipped with a big number of stables and barns, uncovered rings and rings for beginners, the mountain based centers are usually equipped with room for horse riding guests, bathrooms and bathhouses as well as picnic areas that can you make your staying in an equestrian center unforgettable.


2.If you are a horse lover, the first thing you need to know about them is how to take care of them. Grooming and feeding them after every ride will make you their best friend, and you will be welcomed to ride your stallion whenever you return to the stables. Grooming a horse is not an easy thing at all, however, there are several different tools and they all are used for one purpose of grooming. Currycomb, Dandy brush, body brush, hoof pick with brush and the last but not the least important – a towel or a polishing cloth, are all the tools used for grooming and in that exact order.


Grooming should start from a top of a horse’s neck and towards his tail. Also while grooming, be sure to be gentle, especially around your horse’s legs since they are pretty sensible animals when it comes to their legs. Feeding horses also is not a job for anyone, and you have to pick carefully a kind of food you will give to your horse. There are several thing you can feed your horse with and that are grains, hay and water, nothing else.

The amount of grains given to him has to be in accordance with his physical activity and it cannot be larger than 10 pounds of grains a day.

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Looking to buy a horse? Leave it to the realtors 

Looking to buy a horse? Leave it to the realtors 

Posted by on Feb 13, 2016 in Horse Estate, Horse Property |

Contrary to the popular opinion, realtors have a demanding and diverse job, they are not in charge for mediating in buying and selling houses, apartments and land only, one more object is included in their professional field and that are horses.

The MLS listing is the latest achievement of the technology in the field of real estates, this is a website which any seller or a buyer can visit in a purpose of finding the best realtor for themselves, or to try to find the right property or a horse on their own. MLS listings offers you both options, but in when it comes to buying horses it is the best to find a suitable realtor since buying and taking care of horses is not something you can learn on your own. It’s important that your horses are able to live and thrive in an environment that is conducive to their needs, as well as your own. Such thing as having enough space for proper equipment and housing all are factors when selecting which property you feel is right for you and your horses.

989e9dc62ffc89399a3c34083bb77fe8Salvanistud Horse Riding and Care is a website where you can find everything you need to know about buying and taking care of horses. Horses are outstanding and very lovable creatures which can win your heart instantly, however, they are one of the most sensible creatures and if you are not ready to take care of them like you should, it is better not to buy one. Aside from buying, if you are not certain you could provide your horse with enough attention, love and care, as well as if you are not financially able to fill his every need, you can try leasing it.

In the offer of different equestrian centers you can often find options of full lease and partial horse lease, you can choose one of them or you can take riding classes which can bring you closer to horses and teach you all you need to know about them, about their feeding, grooming, and care in general. Taking care of horses is not an easy thing at all, the expenses you will have can be a reason alone to give up from buying a horse, the time and attention you will have to invest and provide to your horse is similar to the time and attention you will have to provide to your children.

If you are certain you want to have a horse, you are familiar with the sacrifices you will have to give and you are still wanting your horse, the best option is to find a real estate agent to find you a perfect one.

consulting_girlThe first thing you need to inform your realtor about is the price you are willing to pay for a horse, then you will have to describe the type of a horse you want to have, do you want to apply your horse for competitions because in that case, it will be harder to find the perfect horse for you, also you will have to inform him about breed and age of the horse you want. If you are not familiar with all these things, the realtor can show you different horses and recommend the best one in his opinion in accordance with the purpose for which you need your horse.

After all, realtors are better acquainted with the market prices and they can give you great advice on how to treat your horses.

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